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Cultural Communication:

Cultural Communication, MA course at Department of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences

The core of the MA program Cultural Communication is defined by one of the most obvious and – in the same moment – elusive barrier in human communication: diversity of communication codes rooted in different forms of one or many cultures. An ignorance of a meaning of a particular sign or gesture as well as their information content can lead at first to a misunderstanding, than to an open conflict between persons or social groups involved into relationship. General knowledge of a respective culture(s) will not prevent that. Each culture and each local variation of it function thanks to establishing information codes hidden from outsiders and vital for gaining acceptance as a community member. Studying Cultural Communication will prepare graduates to deal with the problem of building and maintaining a trust and an understanding in each kind of social group consisted of members having a different cultural background. Student of Cultural Communication finishes the education with the theoretical knowledge about forms and means of social communication specific for European and US cultures. Transfer of values inside social groups is a subject of special interest for the program. The student will get to know basic trends in American pop-culture and their impact on European cultural landscapes. Participating in the study course the student will learn the difference between communication acts aiming at transfer of information and those created for emotional response. Basing on the knowledge about the past the student will be able to detect and analyse mechanisms of political propaganda in contemporary communication. The graduate will possess an ability to mediate in resolving potentially conflictual situation in multicultural societies through implementing solutions enabling instant translation of specific for each culture gestures, reactions or statements. She/he will be able to formulate verbal and nonverbal messages understandable and acceptable for members of different social groups thanks to adaptation of the informative content to the specific cultural background of the audience. The student, who will master cooperation and communication preparing research projects during specific courses, will be able after graduation to organize and lead international research teams. As a part of a social responsibility, the graduate will support the intercultural dialogue for the sustainable development. She/he engages in the dissemination of information about variety of cultures, which co-create the social environment. The student fosters rational dialogue of cultures, especially between minorities and a dominant culture. She/he popularises the idea that cultural communication, through active participation in various cultural environment promotes deepening of cooperation and prevents the creation of social divisions and exclusions. The student will be prepared to work in multinational and multicultural corporations, HR departments, institutions supporting a local culture’s development and social cohesion’s strengthening – in every place, where the mediator between different cultures will be needed.

- Co-ordinator: dr Piotr Jakub Fereński, e-mail adress: pjferenski@uni.wroc.pl

- Administrative officer: Iwona Wenda-Zając, e-mail: iwza@wnhip.uni.wroc.pl

Curriculum of the program

Timetable - Summer semester

Sylabuses, summer semester

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